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Delsys designs and markets a variety of products that are mainly used to detect and measure a very low level electrical signal that is generated in a muscle when it contracts. This is known as the Electromyographic signal and it is commonly referred to as the EMG signal. Our systems also accept sensors that detect the signal from the heart (the EKG signal), accelerometers that measure the position and acceleration of a body segment, foot switches that register the position of the foot while walking, and goniometers that measure the angular displacement of body joints. Our innovative technology is used by researchers and clinicians in over 750 sites in 43 countries throughout the world. Our technology is used to accurately measure the level of muscle activity either for understanding how a contraction or movement is performed or to assay the extent of neuromuscular deficits. It finds applications in various areas such as: in research laboratories for exploring the workings of the neuromuscular system; in clinics for assessing the extent of neuromuscular injury or disability and for monitoring the progress of rehabilitation; in sports applications for enhancing human neuromuscular performance; in ergonomics for providing quantitative evaluations of workers performing tasks or for improving the interaction between the human body and machines; in biofeedback applications for reducing muscle stress, relearning movement patterns, and enhancing skilled performance. Delsys is committed to providing the most innovative and useful technology built to the most exacting standards. Our expertise is unmatched. Our success is based on innovative technology and educated service. Our systems are precise, reliable, and easy to use.

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