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Since 1979, IRIS International, Inc. has been dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative medical diagnostics and sample processing products that provide reliable and cost effective solutions for our customers and improved disease management for the patients we serve. IRIS invented and introduced the first automated urinalysis system and in the following years added numerous innovations and improvements, making us the world leader in this technology. Our automated urinalysis systems and sample processing products are today used in hospitals, clinical reference laboratories, veterinary laboratories and research facilities around the world.

Our management and scientists, engineers and senior technical staff with many years of healthcare experience have broadened our initial product platform and have successfully focused on the development and commercialization of innovative in-vitro diagnostics products and solutions, which expand our core imaging and morphology expertise into related markets of oncology, hematology, and microbiology.

Our manufacturing and research activities are conducted through three operating units: Iris Diagnostics Division, Iris Sample Processing Division (formerly StatSpin, Inc.) and Iris Molecular Diagnostics research and development subsidiary. The core competencies in these operating groups include flow imaging technology, morphological pattern recognition, chemistry, ultra-sensitive detection of proteins and rapid and reliable processing of blood and other body fluids. This broad expertise is now being utilized by Iris in the development of a series of "disruptive" technologies, which we believe will introduce a number of new products that will change and sharply advance the fields of urinalysis, hematology, cancer diagnostics and sample processing for human and veterinary applications.

Our 300+ employees take pride in our customers’ contributions to medical science and to improving the lives of patients and are especially aware of the role we play in providing our customers products and services which enable them to carry out their mission to provide better healthcare.

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