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Welcome to the world of Möller-Wedel´s operating microscopes. For 145 years we have been pioneers in the development of high precision optical systems for medicine and science. We dedicate our skills and efforts to the health of humanity by designing and manufacturing medical equipment of highest quality for long-lasting use. Since 1989, Möller-Wedel has been part of the international Haag-Streit group.    Our trendsetting developments originate from intensive interchange of ideas with international physicians. Their demands are the guideline for the design of our operating microscopes and subjective refractors. We offer friendly service and individually take care of our customers. Our worldwide renowned products are used for applications in ophthalmology and optometry, neuro and spine surgery, otorhinolaryngology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as for dental surgery.    We guarantee high precision in the fields of optics, electronics, and mechanics through our experienced research and production teams who transform innovative ideas into our top class operating microscopes 'Made in Germany'. The company is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 14001

Equipment List

Moller-Wedel - VM 900

This Moller-Wedel VM 900 microscope provides a neurosurgical operating microscope with bi-directional interface for neuronavigation systems.

Moller-Wedel - UNIVERSA 300

The universal microscope MÖLLER UNIVERA 300 provides high flexibility and easy handling.

Moller-Wedel - MOLLER 3-1000

The MÖLLER 3-1000 is the ideal choice for all applications in neurosurgery.

Moller-Wedel - MÖLLER 20-1000

MÖLLER 20-1000: New paradigm in neurosurgery

Moller-Wedel - Hi-R 900

MÖLLER Hi-R 900: The microscope for first class surgery

Moller-Wedel - EIBOS 2

The ophthalmoscope EIBOS 2 for OR microscopes is unique due to its outstanding conception and quality.

Moller-Wedel - ALLEGRA 900

Designed for ophthalmic surgery in surgical centers, clinics, and hospitals MÖLLER ALLEGRA 900 is very compact.

Moller-Wedel - Allegra 90

Exellent optics and high modularity are combined in MÖLLER ALLEGRA 90.

Moller-Wedel - ALLEGRA 590

MÖLLER ALLEGRA 590 was especially designed and optimized for dual use between ophthalmic and ENT surgeons in day clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals.

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