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  Since 1977, Oakworks, Inc. has been committed to providing safe, durable, comfortable and ergonomic equipment to industries supporting the health and wellbeing of people all over the globe.          Currently employing 100 talented and committed men and women, in a new and modern 91,000 sq. foot facility, Oakworks is capable of producing more than 250 superior quality, rigorously tested pieces of equipment a day - equipment sold in all 50 US states and through a network of distributors in 35 countries worldwide - equipment that has been the industry favorite for over 30 years.>

Equipment List

Oakworks - Women's ImagingTable

Designed for all Women's Imaging ultrasound modalities

Oakworks - Clinician Flat Top

General examination, physical therapy treatment and Bariatrics care.

Oakworks - ProLuxe PT300

A truly multi-functional choice for medical facilities.

Oakworks - ProLuxe PT200

Ultimate access when treating the neck or upper torso of your patient

Oakworks - ProLuxe PT100

Ultimate access to patient's neck and upper torso

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