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MPI (Medical Positioning, Inc.) manufactures and sells patented specialty beds and tables designed to improve diagnostic imaging in cardiology, radiology, mammography and interventional procedures. And every product we offer comes with a story. Your story. The story of a cardiologist who demands more precise imaging. The story of a sonographer who wants a table that is simpler to use and offers pain-free operation. All of the stories we hear from physicians, technicians and directors that inspire every innovation we build into our patented specialty beds and tables for diagnostic imaging. Starting with our first major product, the still popular EchoBed developed nearly two decades ago, we work closely with the practitioners, physicians, and technicians to create innovative new products that deliver exceptional results for both patients and staff. Our products significantly improve the images obtained from ultrasound, echo and fluoroscopy equipment leading to better diagnoses and patient outcomes. But equally important, we do it in a way that minimizes pain and injuries to the staff, your staff, who uses our equipment everyday. In other words we create patented products that don't require you to choose between delivering better results for your patients and more protection for staff. To date we have released over 100 models of diagnostic imaging tables and have established an installed base of more than 5,500 units, many in America's leading medical centers. While that may seem like a lot of different products, our reason for offering them is simple: to give you exactly what you want and need without paying for unnecessary features. MPI. Offering unique, ergonomically sensitive, patented diagnostic imaging tables that Position you for the best possible results.

Equipment List

Medical Positioning - VasScan Table X

The ultimate platform for vascular procedures

Medical Positioning - Ultra DBI

The ultimate platform for Upright and Decubitus Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Medical Positioning - Echo

The original Echocardiography Diagnostic Imaging Table

Medical Positioning - GSPM

The ultimate platform for General Surgery and Pain Management

Medical Positioning - VizaVue

The ultimate platform for video swallow studies

Medical Positioning - DBI

The ultimate platform for Decubitus Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Medical Positioning - UltraScan Premier

The ultimate multi-modality ultrasound platform

Medical Positioning - UltraScan

The ultimate multi-modality ultrasound platform

Medical Positioning - Hut

The ultimate platform for syncope testing

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