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We apply our core competencies in design and manufacturing to a variety of disciplines in the Health Care Industry, such as physical, occupational, and massage therapy, as well chiropractics and diagnostics. Through interaction with our clients and identifying their requirements, we have manufactured a line of products that have been specifically designed to satisfy their needs. Cardon is a North American manufacturer, and are able to effectively identify the needs of our customers, and respond to their requirements in a timely fashion. We transform ideas into tangible products, and by maintaining control of the fabrication process, we assure the quality of the final product. We believe that what we are doing is providing the equipment that works for you instead of you having to work around it, hence improving the quality of your work environment. We earn the right to provide you with a product that you trust will work for you for many years to come, and are known in the industry as a provider of products with superior functionality.

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