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Uscom Limited was incorporated in December 1999. The company was founded by its current CEO, Mr Rob Phillips. The company's first patents were filed in June of 1998 with Uscom Inc being formed in 2006. The Uscom Sydney office opened in August of 2002. The first USCOM 1A device was completed in October 2002 and Uscom listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December of 2003. Directors: Executive Chairman: Rob Phillips Non Executive Director: Ms Sheena Jack Non Executive Director: Mr Christian Bernecker Company mission: USCOM is a platform technology providing non-invasive methods of monitoring heart function. Primary product: The USCOM 1A, (Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor), a new device for real time continuous measurement of cardiac output, protected by "novel and inventive" worldwide patents. Business Overview: Uscom's focus is to be a significant player in the world market for monitoring devices. The company has identified several substantial profit opportunities in devices sales, consumables and services arising from its first patented product. In addition, subsequent versions of this device, as well as new, related products have been identified as part of the Uscom product pipeline and the company's growing patent portfolio. Business Objective: To create shareholder value through to worldwide commercialisation of Uscom's technology and to establish USCOM as a standard tool of medical practice.

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Uscom is the home of non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring.  

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