F. Stephan GmbH-Medizintechnik
Kirchstraße 19
Gackenbach, DE


With his goals clearly defined, the founder of F. Stephan GmbH, Mr. Fritz Stephan, brought the first reanimator  developed in close cooperation with medical professionals specifically for the ventilation needs of premature infants and newborns  to market in 1974. His demands and vision formed the foundation for the corporate practices to which we still adhere today.

Equipment List

Stephan - F120

Ventilation system for newborns. 

Stephan - Sophie

For optimal Ventilation and Oxygen Saturation at all Times

Stephan - ISO

Fritz Stephan GmbH has developed a range of modern anesthesia systems which accommodate the various requirements of the users and offer easy and safe handling.

Stephan - Stephanie

The combined neonatology ventilation system

Stephan - ARTEC

The modular, efficient anesthesia system. 

Stephan - PORTEC

The portable, modular anesthesia assistant

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