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Mennen Medical
4 Ha-Yarden St., Yavne
P.O.Box 102, Rehovot, IL


Mennen Medical® is a leading international corporation, developing and marketing cardiac cathetherization and electrophysiology systems, as well as patient monitoring and clinical data information solutions. For over four decades, Mennen Medical® has led these fields worldwide, combining cutting-edge technological achievements with an uncompromising corporate culture of passionate customer service and personalized care. Furthermore, Mennen Medical maintains a highly established international sales infrastructure, with presence in dozens of countries worldwide. Mennen Medical is a privately owned company, with headquarters located in Israel and fully owned subsidiaries in the US and UK. The company employs around 250 staff members along with its sub contractors and distribution channels throughout its international operations.

Equipment List

Mennen Medical - HORIZON SE

The Horizon SETM is a complete hemodynamic monitoring and analysis system.

Mennen Medical - HORIZON XVu

A new generation of Mennen Medical’s Hemodynamic monitoring.

Mennen Medical - VitaLogik 5000/5500

The VitaLogik bedside patient monitoring system is a flexible device, designed to suit the needs of a wide range of patient environments.

Mennen Medical - Envoy

Mennen Medical's Envoy is a sophisticated, high-end modular bedside patient monitoring system.

Mennen Medical - EnvoyTM

Mennen Medical's EnvoyTM is a sophisticated, high-end modular bedside patient monitoring system.

Mennen Medical - VitaLogik 4000 Series

The VitaLogik 4000 Series Patient monitoring system is a compact monitor that suits a wide range of patient applications.

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