ACIST Medical Systems, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
7905 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, MN, US

ACIST Medical Systems provides contrast delivery products and services for radiology and cardiology, enabling greater ease and control in obtaining the quality images clinicians rely upon to provide the best patient care possible.We understand that each image is a unique opportunity for the patient and for the clinician. Therefore, we are relentlessly “in pursuit of the perfect image” through continuous research and development of new products and technologies – supporting today’s needs and anticipating those of tomorrow.

Equipment List

ACIST - EmpowerMR

ACIST - EmpowerMR

A contrast injection system designed to advance safety and enhance productivity in the MR suite[
Contrast Media-Injector System

ACIST - EmpowerCTA

ACIST - EmpowerCTA

Meeting the demands of your radiology department.
Contrast Media-Injector System

ACIST - Voyager

ACIST - Voyager

Voyager is designed for use in interventional radiology and endovascular surgical procedures.
Infusion Pump

ACIST  - CMS 2000

ACIST - CMS 2000

The Acist CMS2000 carduovascular Management System puts the power of precise control on your hand.
Contrast Media-Injector System

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