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As an umbrella or family brand, the KLS Martin Group now covers almost all surgical fields. As in the past, products are and will be created in close collaboration with clinical experts and other practitioners. What’s new is that the whole process is now integrated into a global network. This enables us to utilize lots of impulses and inputs from all over the world, integrating them into our research, development and manufacturing processes.

Equipment List

KLS Martin - MCO25/50 plus

The new Martin CO2 lasers MCO 25plus and MCO 50plus represent a systematic extension of the laser-surgical product line.

KLS Martin - LIMAX

The diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser Limax satisfies the highest demands for treatment quality and operating convenience

KLS Martin - diomax

The “all-rounder” for advanced laser surgery

KLS Martin - MY 60

The MY 60 is a compact, microprocessor-controlled, continuous-wave (cw) solid-state laser with a wavelength of 1,064 nm.

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