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Today, with its advanced technology, NIDEK has become the leading company in the field of ophthalmic equipment, extending its business domain to"Eye & Health Care" . NIDEK, full of dreams, strives to create a brighter tomorrow for all people around the world.

Equipment List

NIDEK - YC-1400

Ophthalmic YAG laser system with BURST mode. 

NIDEK - Marco AR-800

Automatic near and far PD measurements

NIDEK - SL-1800

Converging binocular microscope for easy-to-view stereoscopic vision.


Measure sphere, cylinder powers and axis of the corrective lens to aid the patient’s vision properly.


A ccurate, easy for the staff to use and very durable.

NIDEK - AR-600/A

Lightweight, smaller and its sleek high tech design.

NIDEK - DC-3000

The DC-3300's laser diode has a substantially longer life than Argon or Krypton lasers.

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