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Their Shared Principles:   Guiding Us in Our Mission for Better Health>   At McKesson, the way they do business is just as important as the business itself. Their employees all understand the responsibility they bear as they work together toward their common goal: to advance the health care system for better health for all. That’s why they look toward thier ICARE shared principles as a unifying set of values to guide them in their mission. Their company-wide values are the foundation of McKesson’s reputation as a trusted organization that goes the extra mile to advance our customers’ success.

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McKesson - AcuDose RX

Fast and Easy Access to Medications on the Patient Floor

McKesson - McKesson Radiology

Used to persistently store medical images received from diagnostic scanning devices (e.g. CTs, MRs, US, etc.) and transmit them to radiology workstations and similar medical imaging devices.

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