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In 1969, man first landed on the moon. Twenty-four years later, Transfer Master figured out how to independently transfer in and out of bed! The patented Original Transfer Master Hi-Low was the first bed build to help with wheelchair transfers. After 20 years on the market, thry decided to retire the iconic Original and introduce a bed which better meet the needs of the average wheelchair user.  The New Hugger Super Low Hospital Bed Floor Hugger incorporates features exceed the Original in ways.  The Hugger Super Low Hospital Bed Floor Hugger deck surface is below 10 inches and how an attractive and easy to clean powder coated finish. Each Floor Hugger can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. No other bed or any other company offers this level of flexibility.> You can choose from standard widths such as Twin, Full or Queen size. You determine the length, whether it is standard, extra long or super long . This is only the beginning of the choices. You then choose  the finish of the mattress and a range of controls and options.  With certain combinations the bed can be lower than 16 inches from the top of the mattress to the floor, at the lowest setting.  The Super Low Floor Hugging feature makes a wheelchair transfer almost effortless.    The superior advantage of the frame is that you can then raise the whole frame an additional 12 inches allowing any user to take advantage of gravity for successful wheelchair transfers.   Our orthopedic mattresses offer superb comfort. Mattresses can be ordered with cloth covering as well as water repellent covers.  A third option is our pressure reduction mattress line that promotes superb skin health and can prevent decubitus or skin sores.   Old-fashioned craftsmanship is evident in each bed that we build. Hugger Super Low Hospital Bed The Floor Hugger is stamped, welded and powder-coated in the United States,  and the final assembly takes place in our factory in  the State of Iowa. Each part is overbuilt to assure a long and useful life. Parts are either bolted or welded together to insure the product's integrity. Hugger Super Low Hospital Bed]The Floor Hugger is available in three different versions, a 2 function, a 3 function and a unique 4 function bed that can go into a reverse trendenburg  position.   Some versions of this highly versatile bed can be ordered with our Deluxe Massage Package,  bringing  together a great frame with wide choice of surfaces and user friendly electronics. The Floor Hugger offers reliability,  ease of use and and great flexibility to grant its user the maximum independence.

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Transfer Master - The Companion SHD

The Transfer Master Companion SHD Hospital Bed

Transfer Master - Valiant HD

The Transfer Master Valiant HD is rugged and durable.

Transfer Master - The Companion HD

A rugged, durable, heavy duty fixed height, head and foot adjustable bed.

Transfer Master - Original

Original Transfer Master Hospital Bed

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