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In 1986, Dr. Christian Buess developed an ultrasound flow sensor at the Institute for Electronics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Flow sensors of this type were also used in a Space Shuttle mission and in the Russian MIR Station.  In 1992, a collaboration with Professor Karl Harnoncourt was established with the goal of developing an ultrasound flow sensor for clinical routine applications. This collaboration led to the foundation of ndd Medizintechnik AG and to the development of the EasyOne spirometer.    In the year 2000, ndd Medical Technologies, Inc., in Andover, Massachusetts, was established. Today, the ndd team consists of experts with decades of experience in the development and distribution of spirometry products. With the EasyOne product family, ndd realized an easy-to-use product line that makes lung function testing faster, simpler and more reliable.    ndd is a dynamic company that delivers break through improvements. Our innovations are based on solid scientific evidence endorsed by opinion leaders. We listen carefully to the needs of end users and partners to exceed their expectations.    All members of the ndd team feel responsible for the well being of the company. We use our best skills to meet and exceed our goals. We cultivate and value open and honest communication.    Our suppliers share our values. We partner in ongoing search for improvements. We strive for a collaborative, long-term relationship.    We meet our social responsibilities by supporting specific projects in the field of research on lung diseases.    We are conscious of the environment and strive to minimize negative environmental impact from our products and activities.

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ndd - EasyOne Pro

Portable Single Breath DLCO Device

ndd - EasyOne Pro LAB

Portable Single Breath DLCO Device with Nitrogen Multi-Breath Washout

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