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Tuttlingen, DE


For over 15 years SIMEON has been delivering a complete range of comprehensive, future-proof products for medical use. Thanks to their special design and unique reflector technology, our innovative surgical and examination lights ensure ideal lighting conditions and set the gold standard for hygienic and functional applications. SIMEON's scientific research and surgical light technologies have broken through to new frontiers in medical technology. SIMEON's excellent LED solutions are based on three pillars:  1) patented reflector technology,  2)the special SIMEON design,  3) use of the latest LED technology.    When it comes to combining German-made LED technology with exceptional developmental and manufacturing expertise, we are highly sought-after partners for doctors, hospital planners and purchasing managers. Our talent for innovation and our ability to react quickly and successfully to market impulses and technical developments ensure us, our employees, and our customers the brightest prospects for the future.

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