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The Company’s technology offers a proprietary platform for a wide range of opportunities for cost-effective, automated, patient-attached blood chemistry analyses right at the patient’s bedside. This technology, which consists of a monitor and disposable sensor, is attached to either patients’ arterial catheters or intravenous (IV) lines and eliminates the need for blood draws. These features make the necessary process of blood chemistry monitoring faster, safer, more efficient, and more accurate for clinicians and patients. Via Medical’s objective is to become the standard of care for blood chemistry monitoring in the critical-care market segment. The Company has introduced three systems based on its technology: The VIA Blood Gas and Chemistry Monitor; The VIA Low Volume Mode (LVM) Blood Gas and Chemisty Monitor for Neonates and Pediatrics; and The VIA Blood Glucose Monitor. Significant advantages of these systems include immediate results, cost reduction, elimination of patient blood loss, reduced blood handling by the clinician, and a reduction in the amount of clinician time required for testing. By showing trends in patient conditions and providing immediate results, these systems enable clinicians to assess patients and make adjustments quickly without waiting long periods for lab results to arrive.

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Via Medical - VIA-LVM

Interface capability with Major Monitoring Systems.


Via Medical has responded to the need for an automated bedside Blood Gas and Chemistry Monitor in the critical care setting.

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