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Maxtec has been a leader in ozygen anaylsis and deliver products for more then 15 years. They provide a full line of replacement ozygen sensors and SpO2 probes compatible with all major applications in the market. Customers worldwide have come to appreciate Maxtec for their well-known oxygen analyzers and monitors in both medical and non-medical applications. Their range of products also include pulse oximeters, neonatal products, air-oxygen mixers, ventilator and ventilator support products applicable to hospital, homecare and anesthesia markets.

Equipment List

Maxtec - MAX-8 Oxygen Cell

This Maxtec MAX-8 O2 Cell is compatible with a variety of systems. It is an equivalent replacement for several oxygen sensors.

Maxtec - Tecotherm Neo

Fully programmable monitoring and stabilizing of body temperature.

  • Programmed hypothermia protocol
  • Baby servo controlled
  • Cools or warms

Maxtec - MAX-10

The Maxtec MAX-10 Oxygen Cell is an FiOSensor that is compatible with a variety of systems.

Maxtec - MAX-250

The Maxtec MAX-250 Oxygen Cell is a FiO2 (Fraction of Inspired Oxygen) Sensor. It is an equivalent replacement for a variety of sensors. 

Maxtec - MAX-2

The Maxtec MAX-2 Oxygen Cell is compatible with a variety of Anesthesia systems.

Maxtec - MaxBlend2

All-in-one blender, O2 monitor, and flow meter

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