ConMed Linvatec

ConMed Linvatec is a global leader in the fields of arthroscopy, multi-specialty endoscopic medical video systems and powered surgical instruments. Headquartered in Largo, FL, ConMed Linvatec is at the forefront of technology for a growing range of minimally invasive and orthopaedic surgery procedures.
Orthopaedic surgeons use ConMed Linvatec arthroscopic instrumentation, implants, fixation and tissue repair systems with brand names that include Linvatec and Shutt®, for diagnostic purposes, minor surgeries and complex reconstructions of knees, shoulders and small joints such as the wrist and ankle.
The famous Hall® Surgical line of powered surgical instrumentation featuring the PowerPro® system and a comprehensive line of accessories all remain the standard of care in oral/maxillofacial, otolaryngology, podiatry, thoracic, hand and neurosurgery.
Surgeons across many specialties now enjoy our advanced and complete line of endoscopy products led by the worlds first 3 chip autoclavable camera head specifically designed to accommodate each of their unique surgical needs as well as full featured image display & capture and insufflation systems.

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