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Nüve, which was founded in 1968, is one of the leading and outstanding manufacturers of Turkey in the field of Basic Laboratory Equipment. Since its foundation, Nüve had contributed to the advancement of its products and production processes by means of technical innovations and investments made for research and development. With a network of 34 distributors in Turkey, Nüve holds the major part of the Turkish market. Strong international focusing, formulated, fast, economic solutions combined with continually evolving quality awareness and customer oriented services form a significant part of Nüve's business concept. Because of these special features, Nüve has become a fast growing company among its competitors. Having ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certificates, Nüve is exporting to more than 80 countries by the contribution of its professional work force and very competitive quality and price. The manufacturing plant is 30 km away from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey and consists of 6000 m2-closed area. High technology machine tools and sheet metal working machines are used for standard production. The quality of the raw materials and parts supplied plays an important role in obtaining a stable production of high quality products. The product range of Nüve is expanding every year proportional with its continuous research studies. Subject to ever-changing customer perceptions and worldwide technological improvements, also the development of products never end at Nüve. The equipment that Nüve manufacture, are mostly used in all kinds of medical laboratories, biotechnology, research and quality control laboratories of agriculture, botany and veterinary and in the quality control laboratories of various industries such as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. With its flexible mass production technology, fast delivery process, well established network of national and international distributors, quick and efficient after sales services and unlimited spare part supply, Nüve is ready to meet the needs and demands of its customers all times and just in time.

Equipment List

Nuve - NF 800/800R

Multi-purpose bench-top centrifuges

Nuve - NF 1200/1200R

Multi-purpose bench-top centrifuges

Nuve - NF 200

Small bench top centrifuge.

Nuve - OT 4060

Sterilize materials in a variety of areas

Nuve - OT 4060V

The OT 4060V is designed for the sterilization of materials with pressurized steam in a wide variety of areas.

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