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Founded in Seoul in 1985 by a team of research scientists from Korea's leading technology research institute, Medison rapidly established a reputation for innovation in digital imaging technology. By 1994, the company had attained ISO 9001 certification for its ultrasound systems and had established a worldwide distribution network covering more than 80 countries.

Equipment List

Medison - Combison 401

Medison's Combison 401 ultrasound system is one of the premier ultrasound systems.

Medison - SONOACE X8

SONOACE X8 blends high-end ultrasound Technologies and compact design.

Medison - ACCUVIX V10

Meet the ACCUVIX V10, combining futuristic state-of-the-art technology and outstanding user-interface design.

Medison - ACCUVIX XQ

The Medison Accuvix XQ Ultrasound System combines 3D/4d Imaging with premium features, giving users an unparalleled and unsurpassed multi-modality ultrasound experience.

Medison - ACCUVIX V20

Since launching the first commercially available 3D ultrasound system in 1998, MEDISON continues to be a global leader in 3D/4D ultrasound.

Medison - SonoAce R5

The SonoAce R5 is designed to provide users not only with the latest in diagnostic functions, but also the greatest possible user convenience.

Medison - MySono U5

Samsung Medison brings users all the performance of a full-sized imaging system in a truly portable package, delivering exceptional image quality.

Medison - Sonoace 5000

Medison Sonoace 5000 Ultrasound is an ultrasound system typically used for OB/GYN.

Medison - SonoAce 6000

The Medison SonoAce 6000 ultrasound system is a scanner that features many elements that make it a great addition to many medical settings. 

Medison - Sonace 3200

SONOACE 3200, a compact and powerful ultrasound, featuring exceptional image clarity and outstanding technology.

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