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KONTRON MEDICAL designs, manufactures, markets and guarantees after-sales service of high technology medical devices in both private and public health sectors worldwide. KONTRON MEDICAL has been an innovator in the ultrasound field for over 37 years. The company was created through the merger of Hoffman La Roches medical imaging department and Dassaults monitoring department in 1970.

Equipment List

Kontron Medical - Imagic Elite

IMAGIC ELITE is an open and flexible platform with cutting-edge innovation and architecture that provides a new level of diagnosis confidence.

Kontron Medical - IMAGIC KM60

KM60 provides a image quality in all modalities and in a wide range of applications, including standard cardiology, advanced cardiology and vascular.

Kontron Medical - Imagic Agile

The Premium level of system in cardiovascular application requires a coherent level of connectivity and data sharing capabilities.

Kontron Medical - Imagic Maestro

High-level of performance and features derived by the reference cardiovascular systems are the base of the innovative platform.     

Kontron Medical - Imagic Performance

IMAGIC Performance is a ultrasound system with digital, multi-beam processing, fully integrated PC - driven ultrasound platform.

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