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More than just a product>  At Interacoustics we design and manufacture equipment across the whole audiological spectrum. Our products range from small portable devices to full clinical instruments and can be found all over the world wherever hearing health care is practiced. This is one of our strengths, because it enables us to provide integrated solutions whatever your situation. And with more than 40 years experience, you can be sure we have the insight required to make solutions that work for you. But Interacoustics is more than just a product. We make it our business to keep in touch with those who use our equipment. A worldwide network of trained distributors supports you at the local level. In addition, our website is kept up to date with the latest developments. You will find full product information there and extensive troubleshooting assistance.  Integrated solutions>  Integration is not just about machines talking to each other. It is about human beings and machines. We design our interfaces with common standards and common terminology, making the learning curve on our equipment easier. That lets you spend your time on the results. After all, you bought the equipment for a purpose. We start our design process by focusing on that purpose.  User Focused>  “Flexible, easy to use, user friendly, and intuitive interface”: you will see these in every manufacturer’s brochure. But how do you take all the variations in signal delivery, processing and management and boil them down to something that can be used in a working environment? At Interacoustics, we keep in constant touch with those who use our equipment and we design for real users. There is an extensive setup system behind all our equipment. This enables the local distributor to adapt it exactly to your needs. When your equipment arrives, it functions the way you wanted. After that, there is usually no reason to modify the setup, so it is concealed behind an icon on the toolbar. However, it is always there, one click away, if you need to make changes.  Total support>  Feedback is just as important to us as solutions are to you. Therefore, when you need assistance, we see it as an opportunity to learn. We build those experiences into our knowledge base and use them for product development. In the meantime, we make sure that you get prompt responses to your enquiries, first class service and expert guidance towards a solution. And if your local distributor cannot find a solution, we have expert help at one of our regional sales offices or on the hotline.  Future safe>  With integration as a goal, we have to think both forward and back. Acknowledging that more and more equipment is coming under software control, we have established standards to ensure that all our modules and devices are compatible. Therefore, you can be confident that we have done our best to prevent you from being stranded by future developments. Our systems are built to follow you into the future.

Equipment List

Interacoustics - VN415

The VN415 is similar to the VO425, but does not include the VisualLab for the specialized oculomotor testing.

Interacoustics - VO425

The VO425 offers a complete vestibular analysis system that is easy to administer and comfortable for the patient.

Interacoustics - VN15

The VN15 is similar to the VO25, but does not include the VisualLab for the specialized oculomotor testing.

Interacoustics - VO25

The VO25 offers a complete vestibular analysis system that is easy to administer and comfortable for the patient.

Interacoustics - Equinox 2.0 Audiometer

Equinox2.0 is a state of the art two channel clinical audiometer controlled from an external computer.

Interacoustics - AS608 Portable Audiometer

The modern and inexpensive AS608 is a stylish, robust audiometer that's super flexible and portable; ideal for schools, medical centres and industry.

Interacoustics - AC33 Audiometer

The AC33 is a classic, high performance clinical audiometer designed for use in diagnostic clinics, hospitals and practices

Interacoustics - AD229b Audiometer

The AD229b is well suited for any stationary or portable application where diagnostic testing of air, bone and speech is performed.

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