Ergoline is an owner-managed German company located in Bitz (Baden-Württemberg). For more than 30 years, ergoline has been one of the leading medical providers of high-quality, long-life ergometers and systems for cardiac rehabilitation. In the meantime, more than 40,000 ergoline ergometers have been used in medical practices, clinics, sports medicine centers and rehabilitation facilities worldwide. Today, ergoline presents itself as a modern, innovative company, which has grown to an international supplier in over 30 countries.

Equipment List

Ergoline - Ergoselect 5

Wide, open step-through frame, extremely low access height, and solid aluminum platform.

Ergoline - Ergoselect 50

The cost-effective ergometer for exercise ECG tests.

Ergoline - Ergoselect 100

The classic ergometer for exercise ECG tests

Ergoline - Ergoselect 200

High-comfort ergometer featuring sophisticated modularity

Ergoline - Optibike 50

Training ergometer for the in-home and therapeutic use of orthopedic patients

Ergoline - Optibike

Professional cardiovascular training at home and in therapeutic settings

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