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    Tanita is a world leader in precision electronic scales. With almost 50% of its domestic market share, the name Tanita is a household name in Japan. The company's success and expanding global presence is the result of superior technology, unique design, and high manufacturing standards that have earned ISO 9001 certification, CE marking, membership in the JQA (Japanese Quality Association), FDA clearance and the Good Housekeeping Seal.        In addition to the parent company headquarters in Tokyo, Tanita maintains five sister companies strategically located to meet the challenges of international business.

Equipment List

Tanita - TBF-300WAPlus

Wrestling Body Composition Analyzer

Tanita - SC-331S

Total Body Composition Analyzer

Tanita - BD-815U

Pediatric / Neonatal Scale

Tanita - WB-8000RW

Radio Wireless Professional Weight Scale

Tanita - WB-100A

NTEP III Legal For Trade Digital Physician Scale

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