Computational Diagnostics, Inc.

Computational Diagnostics, Inc.
5001 Baum Blvd
Ste 530
Pittsburgh, PA, US


Computational Diagnostics, Inc. (CDI), is a C Corporation, founded in 1988. With over 20 years proven expertise in providing both systems and services, in clinical neurophysiology, CDI continues to revolutionize patient care utilizing telemedicine applied to clinical neurophysiology. CDI's first product, NeuroNet® was developed for use during surgical procedures where possible injury to the nervous system may occur. NeuroNet was the first commercial system which utilized graphical user interfaces, provided for multi-modality testing, generalized digital filtering and utilized Internet based processes to allow a single physician to provide remote services to multiple patients concurrently and in real-time. CDI's technology has been recognized by Computer World/Smithsonian awards and has been described by Tom Peters as "the wave of the future".CDI has been awarded research funding from the Army's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center for the development of novel communication devices and from the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke to develop state-of-the-art dry electrodes. CDI is also currently developing a series of telemedicine systems for home use.

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