Diros Technology Inc.

The principals of Diros Technology Inc. have been at the forefront of Radiofrequency (RF) for Neurosurgery and Pain Management since the establishment of the OWL® brand in 1969. Diros was founded in 1983 to continue the advancement of new and innovative RF Products.       Diros OWL RF Products are used to treat many conditions, few being:      • Cervical Pain    • Thoracic Pain    • Lumbar Pain    • Sacroiliac Pain    • Tic Douleureux (Gasserian Ganglion RF)    • Intracranial Lesions performed for Parkinson’s Disease Tremors    • Percutaneous Cervical Cordotomy    • Discogenic Pain    • Knee Pain    • Hip Pain    • Foot Pain      A global organization headquartered in Markham, Ontario (part of the Greater Toronto area) their privately owned and operated company is committed to industry leading quality and precision that runs through every aspect of their operations. They pride themselves on personalized service, custom solutions, and ongoing innovation in the RF field. They continue to improve and expand their product line.

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