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Andersen Products was founded in 1958. It began its medical business in Oyster Bay, New York in 1963 with the manufacture of a new design for a stomach tube. The need to sterilize these tubes led to the development of our Anprolene line of Ethylene Oxide sterilizers. Today the product line includes gastric sump tubes, wound drains and pumps, thoracic pumps, and three types of EtO sterilizers (Anprolene, EOGas and Sterijet), with their associated chemical and biological sterilization monitors. In addition to the efforts of its own direct sales force in the U.S., the company sells to affiliated Andersen British, French, and California corporations, and distributors in many foreign countries.

Equipment List

Andersen Products - Anprolene AN 74

The Anprolene system has always offered the most gentle 100% EtO sterilization cycle on the market, 

Andersen Products - Anprolene

The Anprolene system has always offered the most gentle 100&#037 EtO sterilization cycle on the market: room temperature sterilization.

Andersen Products - EOGas 333

Andersen's EOGas system links our unique gas diffusion technology with advanced micro-processor control.

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