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BIOTEX S.A. was founded in 1977 by Mr. Dimitrios Popotas with main core business the supply and the technical support of new and refurbished medical diagnostic equipment. With specialization, extensive knowledge and high skilled personnel for more than 35 years in the sector of diagnostic imaging, BIOTEX S.A. offers constantly its services supporting all professionals in the field. Having a wide range of professionals partners, BIOTEX S.A. offers its products and services in private clinics, diagnostic centers, public hospitals and veterinary centers. The company is recognized for its reliability, high quality and longevity of its products, having always as a priority the best service, combined with the best price, in order that our customers can enjoy the best overall result. Counting on complete education, continuous updates and training of its personnel in new equipment and the latest technological developments, we aim at being always at the edge of medical technology. Wanting always to meet current markets requirements, we are constantly working on our customer's necessities, aiming to provide our full services with accountability, professionalism and above all respect.

Equipment List

BIOTEX S.A. - BlueX PantOs DG XP

The PantOs DG xp is a digital panoramic x-ray system equipped with a specific detector for diagnostic imaging.

BIOTEX S.A. - BlueX PantOs 16 XP

The PantOs 16 XP is specially designed to perform panoramic and cephalometric examinations in adults or children, right, left or frontal partial views of dentition with minimum dose.

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