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Colin Medical
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San Antonio, TX,
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Mediana(Korea) acquired Omron Colin Medical in Texas, USA from OMRON and forms Mediana Tech(Mediana Technologies Corporation)

Equipment List

Colin Medical - BP-S510-NT/P

ECG, NIBP, Temperature, and SpO2, with or without a printer.

Colin Medical - BP-S510-NTC/P

ECG, NIBP, Temperature, SpO2, and CO2, with or without a printer

Colin Medical - 8800MS/8800MSP

The Colin Press-Mate 8800MS/8800MSP Vital Signs Monitor is in very good condition, and is certified to proper operating specifications.

Colin Medical - BP-S510

High usability and flexibility in a compact package.

Colin Medical - Press-Mate BP 8800p

Lightweight, portable monitor that has a built in printer and a range of useful functions.

Colin Medical - YM6000

The YM6000 is a sophisticated monitor using the best technologies.

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