Amerex Instruments

3730 Mt. Diablo Blvd, # 355
P.O. Box 787
Lafayette, CA, US


Amerex is an established designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality and reliable laboratory equipment for the government, university, biotechnology and biomedical markets. Our product lines include autoclaves, shakers, incubators, ovens, and water baths. In the past two decades, Amerex has provided its customers with quality and reliable research equipment along with excellent after-sales service and prompt technical support.

Equipment List

Amerex Instruments - HVA-Series

Portable top-loading autoclaves with cooling fan and user-friendly features.

Amerex Instruments - HV-Series

Portable, top loading autoclaves with advanced and user-friendly features

Amerex Instruments - HA-300MD

Self-contained, portable top-loading autoclave with heating drying cycle

Amerex Instruments - HA300MW

Self-contained, portable top-loading autoclave

Amerex Instruments - HRH-110

Autoclave with pre-vacuum cycle and drying by heat and vacuum

Amerex Instruments - HVE-50

Self-contained, portable, top-loading autoclaves with auto exhaust and warming cycle.

Amerex Instruments - HVP-50

Top-loading autoclave with fully automatic drying

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