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Equipment List

Heraeus - Biofuge Pico

Incredibly small microlitre centrifuge

Heraeus - Contrifuge 17RS

The Heraeus Contifuge 17RS refrigerated centrifuge is designed to spin at speeds up to 17,000 rpm.

Heraeus - Multifuge 1-S

Processing versatility, sample capacity and sheer value.

Heraeus - Biofuge Haemo

Enables the determination of haematocrit values.

Heraeus - Megafuge 2.0

Ideal for multisample serological or cell biological investigations, for blood fractionation or for cell culture preparation.


Haraeus London Hanaulux Surgical Lights

Heraeus - Biofuge 13 3637

A compact general purpose centrifuge.

Heraeus - Haemofuge 3522

A microprocessor controlled clinical/medical microcentrifuge.

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