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Founded in 1947, LTE Scientific is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and medical equipment including steam sterilizers/autoclaves and endoscope drying and storage cabinets. We also provide a large range of laboratory process equipment such as ovens, incubators, freeze-dryers and environmental rooms and chambers. We serve a wide range of sectors including healthcare, universities,pharmaceutical, research, biotech, food/beverage and other technology sectors. LTE Scientific has a worldwide network of distributors.

Equipment List

LTE Scientific - Touchclave - PL

Touchclave-PL: the revolutionary new range of small capacity porous load sterilizers from LTE Scientific.

LTE Scientific - Multi Purpose

LTE SCIENTIFIC Touchclave System Multi Purpose

LTE Scientific - Falcon 30

The Falcon 30 autoclave has been designed for a wide variety of laboratory applications.

LTE Scientific - Touchclave F150 : F200 : F300

Designed to offer a rectangular chamber and a high level of standard features

LTE Scientific - Touchclave K150 : K200 : K300

The ‘K’ Series is LTE’s top-line range of mid-sized general purpose autoclaves, available in 150, 200 or 300-litre capacities.

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