OPTI Medical Systems

235 Hembree Park Drive
Roswell, GA, US


OPTI Medical Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of IDEXX Laboratories since February 1, 2007, is a fast developing, international diagnostics business with operations in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, serving the high growth, near patient testing market targeting small to medium sized hospitals.    The portable OPTI product line of blood gas analyzers first came to the US healthcare market in 1995 under the name of AVL Medical Instruments, although AVL had been a leading company in the blood gas analyzer industry since 1967. To date, the OPTI product line has established market positions throughout the world with an existing customer base of over 5,000 instruments already in use, with approximately one-third in the US. Revenue is generated through sales of new instruments and ongoing repeat sales of proprietary reagents to facilitate analysis.    OPTI Medical Systems employs an experienced team of about 90 employees under the management of Alfred Marek, who originally pioneered this business while under the AVL Medical Instruments name.

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