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t is over 50 years since the founder of Swelab Instrument AB,Mr Erik Öhlin, released his first cellcounter to the market. The year was 1956 and the instrument was named Celloscope 101 and was the first European automatic cell counter. Since those days, Swelab has continued the perfection of Mr Öhlins haematology instruments. In 1998 Boule Medical AB purchased Swelab Instrument AB and incorporated it to its existing laboratory business. Boule Medical increased investments and today Swelab has new developed instruments, an expanded instrument manufacturing capacity in Stockholm and Beijing, new reagents manufacturing established in Stockholm and Miami, as well as a control blood manufacturing in Miami. In the mid 90-ies Swelab introduced the AC series which in its latest version, the EO PLUS generation released 1999, was the world's first small blood cell counter to divide white blood cells into four fractions. The AC series is still produced and covers the small two step automatic AC910, the mid sized AC920, and the fully walk-away automatic AC970. The new system Swelab Alfa, released in 2006, is the first Swelab system based on a completely new analyzer platform from Boule Medical. It holds a new state-of-the-art technology update which makes it completely user maintenence free, and combines a modern slim design with colour touch screen and windows-like graphical user interface. The system holds several unique patented features such as maintenence free turn-valve and direct start of 20ul Micro Cappilary Intake.

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