In 1887, Frank Ritter produced one of the world's first treatment chairs for the dental profession. In the 125 years since, Ritter has produced a long line of products that has changed the face of dentistry.

1912 Ritter introduced the "control panel" for the dental instruments, a major advancement and the beginning of modern technology in dentistry.

In 1917 Ritter introduced the integrated treatment system; chair with control panel, drill, cuspidor, saliva ejector, tray table and air/water syringes - all instruments in one unit! This system delivered for the first time the modern dental system, the core concept of which has not changed even today.

Equipment List

Ritter - CB23

Works with a fractionated pre- and post vacuum

Ritter - CleanTec AB80

The unique front-loader tabletop device with 80 liters capacity!

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