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Biegler manufactures electronic biomedical instruments and disposable plastic medical supplies. Biegler GmbH takes special attention to the customized development of problem-solving.

Equipment List

Biegler - ESH 04

The ESH 04 is designed to bring one or two flasks of 500 ccm up to body temperature and hold them at that temperature as long as power is applied

Biegler - BW 585

BW 585 blood and infusion warmer is a microprocessor-controlled device developed specially to avoid intra- and postoperative hypothermia.

Biegler - BW 685/S

BIEGLER BW 685/S is a high-performance, microprocessor-controlled device for warming infusions and transfusions to prevent hypothermia

Biegler - Protherm II

A universa device for a variety of applications, depending on media.

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