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Mississauga, ON, CA
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LABORIE. is a Canadian manufacturer of computerized Urodynamics equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of Incontinence. As a pioneer in wireless Urodynamics technology, Urologists and Uro-Gynecologists use our products, and our product line is well established in Canada and in the United States.

Equipment List

Laborie Medical - Portascan 3D Bladder Scanner

The intuitive design is ideal for a multitude of clinical environments, from assisted living facilities to busy hospital ERs.

Laborie Medical - AquaVu 360

The sleek, lightweight AquaVu 360° Transrectal Ultrasound System is one of the smallest designs on the market.

Laborie Medical - eN-CAM

A portable endoscopic camera that plugs into a laptop or PC.

Laborie Medical - Portascan+ Bladder Scanner

Real time ultrasound for accurate bladder scanning

Laborie Medical - TRITON

Triton with wireless Bluetooth technology offers the ultimate flexibility by allowing you to determine the location of the computer.

Laborie Medical - GOBY KT

The Goby KT provides a smart choice with a modular design providing flexibility and upgradeability. Available only in the U.S.A

Laborie Medical - DORADO KT

The practical system that packages urodynamics, biofeedback, ultrasound and ano-rectal manometry all on one convenient cart.

Laborie Medical - DELPHIS KT

Delphis KT is the latest innovation in UDS systems by Laborie.

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