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Since 1989, Noraxon U.S.A. Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing and distributing high-end tethered and wireless surface and fine-wire electromyography (EMG) instruments, software, sensors and accessories. Our technology is used by professionals monitoring the performance of athletes, researchers and clinicians specializing in muscle injury and rehabilitation, and for the study of ergonomics in the workplace and product design. Noraxon's patent-protected instruments are designed with a unique amplifier technology that eliminates external noise and artifact to capture clean, reliable and repeatable EMG signals. Noraxon's hardware does not contain "notch-filtering", resulting in the most reliable surface EMG (SEMG) instrumentations for dynamic muscle function. Noraxon offers a full line of SEMG products, from a two channel handheld unit, data analysis and acquisition software, to an elaborate 32 channel telemetry system. A wonderful advantage of Noraxon's equipment is its capability to interface with the most popular motion measurement systems on the market as well as other commonly used measurement devices such as goniometers, foot switches, strain gauges and force plates. A recent addition to the complete line of EMG products has been an extensive array of biomechanical sensors.

Equipment List

Noraxon - MYOTRACE 400

The MyoTrace™ 400 is the latest in portable, handheld measurement technology.

Noraxon - Myo 1200

The MyoSystem 1200 is a small, portable, and lightweight 4 or 8 channel fixed cable SEMG instrument ideal for clinical settings.

Noraxon - MyoSystem 1400L

The MyoSystem™ 1400L surface and fine-wire electrode EMG unit is a highly versatile device ideal for research studies

Noraxon - MyoSystem 1400A

The MyoSystem 1400A is a 4, 8, 12 or 16 channel fixed cable SEMG instrument ideal for basic clinical use.

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