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Thought Technology
8396 State Route 9
West Chazy, NY, US


Founded in 1975, Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Our instrumentation not only monitors and records a wide variety of physiological and mechanical signals, but also analyzes and feeds back information in real time, through a variety of auditory and visual means.

Equipment List

Thought Technology - Myotrac Infiniti/Biograph Inf.

MyoTrac Infiniti systems allow you to measure two channels of high-resolution surface electromyography.

Thought Technology - U-Control

U-Control is an easy to use single channel SEMG trainer to retrain pelvic floor muscles for incontinence.

Thought Technology - MyoTrac 3

MyoTrac 3 is a highly sensitive dual channel sEMG biofeedback device, the MyoTrac 3™ allows clinicians to monitor two muscle sites simultaneously.

Thought Technology - MyoTrac

MyoTrac is a highly sensitive compact EMG Monitor is ideal for training in the clinic, home or office.

Thought Technology - ProComp2

The ProComp2™ is a compact yet powerful 2 channel device

Thought Technology - FlexComp Infiniti/BioGraph Inf

Our top-of-the-line encoder is the ideal data acquisition and physiological monitoring device for power users.

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