Osteometer Meditech

Osteometer Meditech
Osteometer MediTech, Inc.
12515 Chadron Ave.
Hawthorne, CA, US


Osteometer MediTech's focus is on offering affordable, high quality office based scanners and densitometers for diagnosis of osteoporosis. Since the first densitometer left the factory more than ten years ago, several thousand densitometers have followed, and today Osteometer MediTech is the market leader in office based densitometry in several countries around the globe.

Equipment List

Osteometer Meditech - DexaCare G4

The DexaCare G4 is the fourth generation densitometer from Osteometer.

Osteometer Meditech - DTX-200 DexaCare

The DTX-200 DexaCare assesses forearm bone density with optimised precision and accuracy.

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