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The machine is showing error code 110.6020 and 133.6080 for PCU 8015-13946873 AND for Module A : 8100-14416375. I have changed the boards but still more its showing same error codes. Please assisst.

Fri Dec 01 2017
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What is the preventive maintenance schedule?

Thu Nov 30 2017
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My Company use an Fujinon - EPX 2200, but time on it is early than current time. How can i setting up time on Fujinon - EPX 2200

Tue Nov 21 2017
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anyone have the PM sheets for the OEC 9900 Elite

Sat Nov 18 2017
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hello i need help my oprator forget pasword because we run machine after a long time plz can you help me to brake pasword or master pasword i m very thankfull to you.

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Recommended scheduling strategy for X2

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Preventative maintenance should be performed at a minimum of annually. A preventative maintenance program should be established for all Stryker Medical equipment. Preventative maintenance may need to be performed more frequently based on the usage level of the product. CHECKLIST _____ All fasteners secure _____ Siderails move and latch properly _____ All casters lock with brake pedal engaged _____ All casters secure and swivel properly _____ Inspect each caster and remove any wax or debris which may have collected on the caster or braking mechanism _____ Steer function working properly _____ Fowler operates and latches properly _____ Gatch operating properly (Optional equipment) _____ Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg operates properly _____ Ground chain intact _____ No leaks at hydraulic connections _____ Hydraulic jacks holding properly _____ Hydraulic oil level sufficient _____ Lubricate where required _____ Body restraints working properly _____ I.V. pole intact and operates properly _____ Oxygen bottle holder intact and operates properly _____ No rips or cracks in mattress cover _____ Accessories and mounting hardware in good condition and working properly _____ No excessive play in the drive handles _____ Press the handle switches - unit should not move unless the handles are pushed forward or pulled back _____ Press the handle switches - move the handles forward and back and verify the unit responds properly _____ Confirm battery powered functionality _____ No cables worn, pinched or frayed _____ Power cord and plug are free of damage _____ All electrical connections tight _____ All grounds secure to the frame _____ Ground impedance not more than 200 m© (milliohms) max: Test point(s) include electronics enclosure and motor chassis mounted to base of unit _____ Current leakage not more than 300 ¼A (microamps) (per UL 60601-1) _____ Batteries sufficiently charged (Optional scale system) _____ Display housing intact and not damaged (Optional scale system) _____ Load cells intact and not damaged (Optional scale system) _____ Scale calibrated properly. Recalibrate, if necessary (Optional scale system)

Wed Mar 19 2014
Last Reply Thu Oct 05 2017
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Greetings, If you have a TimeKeeper RAM failure you will see the monitor show no progress after the second bar of the boot-up process. It may also indicate a BBRAM failure. If this is the problem you are seeing then the following is the solution.


You will need to replace the Timekeeper RAM IC that is located on the CPU. Some units use a RAM IC with a separate battery, most use a RAM with a built in battery. These IC’s are physically taller than a standard memory IC. Usually the TimeKeeper is a Dallas semiconductor IC. It is a socketed IC and is very easily changed. If you remove this IC the system ID and date will have to be reset even if the IC is still good. There is a lithium battery that provides the RAM backup. With age this battery will fail and the system ID and date will be lost. That is indicated by the program not booting past the second bar on the monitor. You can select whatever numbers you would like for the System ID. I recommend that you use the serial number. This will make it easier for anyone else to work on the system. It will also allow you future servicing should you lose the number.


I have attached 5 files. Connecting the Logiq 400 to a laptop computer.doc and Venus Logiq 400 ID time reset without GE contacts.doc are the ones that outline the actual procedure. The Logiq 400 resetting password.doc and Logiq 400 System ID change.doc are for general interest. GE Links.doc provides a link through GE to obtain the service manual if you don't already have it. You will need a PC or laptop running a terminal program. We use HyperTerminal. The older versions of HyperTerminal will not work on Windows 7 or 8. You will require a new release to use these operating systems. The serial cable required is a straight through serial cable. Usually 9 pins on the computer and 25pins on the Logiq. Pin 2 connects to 2 and pin 3 connects to 3. The service manual gives the details regarding the cable and the setup.

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Batteries in this unit are NiCD alarm batteries which I found always are dead. The lithium memory batteries last forever evidently (9 years+), and main batteries a couple of years or so depending if the nursing staff will plug them in. The petal covers wear thin and have to be replaced annually for me (every other PM cycle). I check the gaps with the gap tool and found not likely to be off, but best to check the gap. I hate changing the alarm batteries and grimace when I pull one out because it has nine leads that all have to be unsoldered on tiny pads through the board. Why did they use NiCD batteries for goodness sakes?? The green boards are easier than the blue ones to PM and change batteries with.

Mon May 22 2017
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You'll have to attend a school at Fuji or try FIRST SOURCE @ 800 349 5980 for training and parts.

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