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Tue Aug 27 2013
Last Reply Fri Oct 20 2017
5 Answers

where can i find a boot disk and how much

0 Answers

I need an electronic copy of the operator manual. Does anyone know where I can get hold of it? I have requested it from Lumenis but have had no reply.

22 minutes ago
0 Answers

Any one know where to find i.e. Buy IV poles for Stryker stretcher series "sm" 304,1007,104 etc...

Tue Oct 10 2017
Last Reply Fri Oct 20 2017
2 Answers

The paper door broke, and they were purchased directly for the second time from Mortara. First time, door was replaced and worked fine. However, the unit says out of paper when trying to print. Tried re initializing it to factory defaults with no success. Tried original paper and it gives the same message. Technical Support says the Queque calibration is fine as 108 and does not seem a problem with the printer head or sensor but "spacing"

Sun Dec 04 2016
Last Reply Fri Oct 20 2017
Sun Mar 30 2014
Last Reply Fri Oct 20 2017
3 Answers


I've got a datex ohmeda AS/3 anesthesia delivery unit (ADU)

The language of monitor ( that shows ventilation , flow , ect ) isn't English (I think it's Dutch) and I want to change it to English.

But unfortunately when I go to the #service menu# to change the language, it asks for a password !

I tried the combinations "16-4-34" & "26-23-8" but it doesn't accept them

I don't have it's Manual to look up for the password!

If anyone knows any way to get past this or any combinations that would help, please share It ...

(If I'm wrong doing it this way plz tell)

Thanks in advance.

0 Answers

How do I set the temperature for the Universal 320 R? Thank you

17 hours ago
0 Answers

Unit powers on but no display. Display has been swapped out, still no display

17 hours ago
0 Answers

I need a service manual for this unit. Anyone have a PDF they can forward? Thanks

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