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9 Answers

I am looking for a manual for our MAC 8 Resting ECG analysis system. Prefer it to be online somewhere for easy access.

14 hours ago

summary is blank

0 Answers

on our ecg's, the sinus rhythm and summary does not show up. it's just blank. how can we make this show up?

2 Answers

I have a GE mac 1200 ekg machine here that is getting some feeback/interference on the waveforms. I have a brand new 12 lead cable that I swapped onto the machine and it still has the same problem so the cable can be ruled out. When i print there is a note up on the top row that states ABNORMAL ECG as well as nonspecific st and t wave abnormality. And the waveform themselves have an uneven line after the main peak. please let me know if there is something I am over looking. I have already gone into the setting and confirmed everything is matched to the default setting parameters and also have tried turning off and on the Line filter with no difference in the readings.

Wed Oct 19 2016

code 6503

6 Answers

screen is in black. no function of the machine

2 Answers

burdick atria 3100 getting faded printing in same area.

1 Answer

Hello, Some of the medical facilities we (pmsm.fr) manage worldwide are located onbaord vessels (cruising, gas and oil industry) and few of them are offshore USA. We're looking for a company based in USA, qualified for maintenance and quality control of medical devices and able to send a technician onbaord these vessels during theire stop in Galveston, TEXAS or in Caribbean sea. Intervention onbaord lasts only one day and devices to be controlled are mainly patient monitor, syringe pump, EKG, AED, Suction unit, monitor defibrillator, ventilator, O2 concentrator... Do you know a bio-medical third company that would be interested in ? Andre

Fri Sep 02 2016

Power on

1 Answer

does 3 beeps and then displays a rainbow. It has a working battery.

2 Answers

Hello I am looking for a service and a user manual for the EL any help would be great. Thanks Lee

Fri Feb 17 2017

Criticare 8100e

0 Answers

Does anyone have the service software for this monitor? It is no longer available from Criticare.

Tue Feb 14 2017

Burdick Eclipse LE2

2 Answers

I am having a problem feeding the paper on a Burdick Eclipse LE2, it won't catch the roller. Anyone have a solution? Thanks!

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