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7 Answers

We are having falsely high urea results for the last three weeks. All samples in a batch shows more than 90 urea level. After rerunning once or twice the result changes. We have tried changing control, run calibrators, change reagents and every other thing we can think of. This problem is only in UREA all other parameters are correct.We desperately need some help

1 Answer

I am in need of a parts list for the XP, more specifically which parts it has that differs from the Centaur Classic. Any help will be much appreciated!

Wed Dec 28 2016

reagent lot to lot

1 Answer

How do you do a reagent lot to lot comparison with current lot and new lot?

Wed Dec 28 2016


1 Answer

I would like to request you that barcode label leaf let .so please send to me ASAP thank you.

0 Answers

Please urgently automate biochemistry pictus 400 it gives error n " 50 "internal error record / Key deleted"

Tue Dec 27 2016

10PSI out of range

0 Answers

Can anyone tell me the possible causes of above mentioned error in mindray bs400?

Fri Oct 18 2013

Expiration date

1 Answer

I have selectra ProS. My management wants to know the expiration date. How can I check for it.

Thu Dec 22 2016

no results sent

1 Answer

our V500 is receiving the test requests okbut, we're not seeing any results over the interface. It worked when the rep was here but not since.

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