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Hi, I'm able to access service sotfware menu of Leica CM1950 via anIP address ofinternet explorer, with network cross over cable. But when I try to reach service tab, it ask me for user and password. Anyone know?

2 Answers

Hi , i would like to reset the maintenance wrench on crystat CM1950 and also the ip adress to service the cryostat CM1950 .I also have an error E0 39 ( i replace the box compressor temp sensor but the error keep coming). THANKS vbellingen@yahoo.fr

Tue Jan 31 2017

Cryostat HM525

0 Answers

Hello, Does anyone have a Service Manual PM procedure for a Fisher Scientific Cryostat HM525 ? Thanks Jeremiah

2 months ago


3 Answers

In Need of a service manual for this Model.

Thu Jan 05 2017

Need service manual

1 Answer

Hello, I'm looking for Sakura tissue tek cry 2000 service manual, somebody can help me? Thank you

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Looking for the procedure for a Leica CM1520 cryostat Maintenance reminder light reset

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Since there is not currently a forum for the CM1800, I'll ask this question here. Does anyone know if there is a way to add hysteresis to the temperature control of the CM1800? It turns the compressor off or on with only a one degree change, which may result in insufficient pressure equalization before the compressor restarts. Does anyone know if there is a way to add hysteresis - set it so that it takes a two-degree drop before the compressor will turn back on? I was going to install a "delay after break" time delay in the SSR control, but I've had difficulty finding an appropriate device that works in the DC control circuit. Does anyone have other suggestions?

1 Answer

The above Model is old but is a necessity. At present we have a problem with the refrigeration side of it. It being old and still R12 Freon doesn't gets to its required -20 psi. What would be the best thing to do. Open for any suggestion please.

16 Answers

Please help if you could, I need Leica CM1850 Service Manual, I can exchange with the other manuals if I have. Thanks.

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