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4 Answers

When pressing hand switch to release lock, the locking bar doesn't move or unlock. even when releasing hand switch the locker doesn't lock the tube. Generally the tube just moves/swings freely without being control by the locker. Please any possible advise to fix the issue. Thank you. Ivan

3 days ago

Amx 4 error 469

1 Answer

hello i have an AMX 4, this machine need a calibration, but when i tried to do the GENERATOR CAL this error appear, exactly when i try to do KVP cal, mAs is ok, in the process of KVP CAL 52 kvp is ok, 64 kvp is ok, 85 is ok, but when i try 120 kvp cal this "error 469" appear.. please i need to know troubleshooting of this machine.

Tue Oct 18 2016

error message

0 Answers

Dear colleagues, Can you please interpreste the error A2 on this machine. thanks segun_ademetan@yahoo.co.uk

Thu Feb 02 2017

Error F12

3 Answers

Hi, I need some help or tips to assist in FVR calibration of shimadzu MUX 100. I did everything as describe in the manual for 2 point calibration, despite when KV is 80 and MAS at 50, when did the exposure I get error F12, therefore I could do any calibration. Please can someone assist? Du.

0 Answers

Does anyone have the error codes (with possible solutions) for this system?

1 Answer

We have found the problem with the ELO 15" touchscreen monitors supplied with the Fuji IIP computers. There is a capacitor on the power supply (C822) that apparently has high ESR. It's a 470uF 25V electrolytic. If this capacitor is bad, the monitor won't come on or will take several minutes to come on. Replacing this capacitor solves the problem. Also, we have fixed several that had a shorted FET on the inverter. We replace the FETs in pairs. The FETs are SI4532DY and are available from Mouser.

Wed Feb 08 2017

error in machine

2 Answers

f64 error shimadzu mobile art

Thu Feb 16 2017

AMX 4 plus errors

1 Answer

Have a error 45F am leaning towards a defective filiment board did I miss anything

1 Answer

Does anyone have the service manual for the the Philips Practix Convenio Portable X-Ray? Thank you very much. GEG

1 Answer

I have seimens polymobil iii plus x-ray equipment with errors appear on the screen E6 & E13 with fault 8 Legs IC on the electronic boared named D927 0n the schematic diagram supplied with the equipment , please advise to repair those errors.

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