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Hi All, I am repairing an OEC 9800 with malfunctioned SBC before. I've replaced the SBC and then the system is active. Any function works fine, except CINE. After boot up a "Cine Disk is Not Available" message appear. The Cine Subsystem is equipped with 1 HDD Cine Disk (firmware) and removable drive Iomega Jaz. Am I missed any configuration in SBC.?

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I have a Flurorostar 7900 which is refusing to go beyond Please Wait 29 - SCANDISK active! Do not switch off the system. The IPC1000 seems to be working fine (tap screen, can navigate linux etc) but the touch screen isn't playing ball. How can I get it through this scan disk procedure and what might have triggered it?

Fri Oct 31 2014
Last Reply Thu May 25 2017
5 Answers

Does anyone know of a good 3rd party that can service OrthScan C-Arm equipment?

Wed May 24 2017
Last Reply Thu May 25 2017
3 Answers

Anyone have the service manual for this mini c arm manufactured in 2008?

Wed May 24 2017
Last Reply Wed May 24 2017
1 Answer

Good afternoon. Siemens Arcadis Varic when photographing in the picture there is nothing, and the system gives an error 5007 generator. Tell me, please, where to look for a malfunction.

Mon May 22 2017
Last Reply Mon May 22 2017
1 Answer

How do I contact AUE

Thu Jul 14 2016
Last Reply Sun May 21 2017
2 Answers

i need service manual for Hologic Insight Fluoroscan and a Service password. thanks in advance.


Fri May 19 2017
0 Answers

Could someone provide me the bca-r mobile c-arm service manual?

Thu May 18 2017
Last Reply Fri May 19 2017
1 Answer

Hello everybody, In dire need of a Service Manual for Fluoroscan Insight2 , can anybody help? Much obliged.

Mon Jan 30 2017
Last Reply Wed May 10 2017
3 Answers

I'm looking for RUS/RUT service software for an OEC 9800.

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