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Ultrasound Systems Toshiba Xario XG

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Sat Oct 07 2017
Last Reply Sat Oct 07 2017
1 Answer

Hi, How do I connect my Toshiba Xario with sony thermal printer, is their any configuration into software. Please help. Thanks Samit

2 Answers

Is it possible to convert Xario XV lcd model ssa 660 into Xario XG ssa 680? Is so how to check original Xario XG and verify its serial number and authenticity?

Fri Jul 07 2017
Last Reply Sat Jul 08 2017
3 Answers

Want to buy new probes for my Toshiba Xario but my question is : Do new probes installed on a an old Xario (year 2012) improve really the resolution of the ultrasound image and has anyone ever tried this ? Thank you

Wed Jun 28 2017
Last Reply Wed Jun 28 2017
2 Answers

Hi Everybody. I need to change the DICOM configuration on a Xario. Does anybody have the 2017 password that they can share with me?

Fri May 05 2017
Last Reply Fri May 05 2017
2 Answers

Can someone help tell me how access what options I have on my machine.

0 Answers

Toshiba Xario Thermal Panel does not exhibiting key (Button) but exhibiting all images etc.

Mon Mar 06 2017
Last Reply Mon Mar 06 2017
1 Answer

I need software, can anybody help? B regards

Sun Feb 19 2017
0 Answers

bonjour , svp , comment changer les fusibles d'alimentation échographie toshiba xario xg? Svp , pourrai je avoir le service manual et le schema électronique ?

Sat Jan 21 2017
Last Reply Tue Oct 03 2017
10 Answers


i've 2 problems with myToshiba Xario XG :

*I can't set the date of my toshiba xario XG in 2017 year , it is on 2002

*since 2 weeks , when I switch on my Toshiba Xario XG , after 2 or 3  secondes it stop , than after 1 or 2 minutes  it restart spontaneousely (like restarting or rebooting).

the first time when this problem is appear , the machine (Toshiba Xario Xg ) changed the date, it past from 2017 to 2002

please help me

Sat Nov 19 2016
Last Reply Tue Nov 22 2016
8 Answers


I have a Xario XG that fails to load/initiate the application post power up and returns with an error message "Start up is halted. Shutdown is recommended". Is there a solution for this? Any help would be great!



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