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Ultrasound Systems Toshiba Xario XG

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Fri May 05 2017
Last Reply Fri May 05 2017
2 Answers

Can someone help tell me how access what options I have on my machine.

0 Answers

Toshiba Xario Thermal Panel does not exhibiting key (Button) but exhibiting all images etc.

Mon Mar 06 2017
Last Reply Mon Mar 06 2017
1 Answer

I need software, can anybody help? B regards

Sun Feb 19 2017
0 Answers

bonjour , svp , comment changer les fusibles d'alimentation échographie toshiba xario xg? Svp , pourrai je avoir le service manual et le schema électronique ?

Sat Jan 21 2017
Last Reply Sat Jun 10 2017
8 Answers


i've 2 problems with myToshiba Xario XG :

*I can't set the date of my toshiba xario XG in 2017 year , it is on 2002

*since 2 weeks , when I switch on my Toshiba Xario XG , after 2 or 3  secondes it stop , than after 1 or 2 minutes  it restart spontaneousely (like restarting or rebooting).

the first time when this problem is appear , the machine (Toshiba Xario Xg ) changed the date, it past from 2017 to 2002

please help me

Sat Nov 19 2016
Last Reply Tue Nov 22 2016
8 Answers


I have a Xario XG that fails to load/initiate the application post power up and returns with an error message "Start up is halted. Shutdown is recommended". Is there a solution for this? Any help would be great!



Fri Aug 12 2016
Last Reply Mon Aug 15 2016
1 Answer

how do I share my DICOM images on my PACS server?

Fri May 27 2016
Last Reply Sat Aug 13 2016
3 Answers

The ready indicator is available but if you turn on the machine it cannot starup.. Totally not function

Tue May 03 2016
Last Reply Wed Jun 21 2017
3 Answers

Toshiba Xario XG SSA-660A touch screen is not responding. Anyone has any suggestion please

Wed Feb 24 2016
Last Reply Sat Aug 13 2016
1 Answer

hello every body

machine : Toshiba Xario SAA 660 A

Problem is when i start a measure SET KEY don't work only on measurements

please need help

best regards 

Amine .

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