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Ultrasound Systems Medison ACCUVIX V20

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Tue Sep 05 2017
Last Reply Wed Sep 06 2017
1 Answer

Do you have any preset to improve the obstetric ultrasound image with the volumetric transducer and the convex for first, second and third trimestre ?

Tue Jan 10 2017
Last Reply Wed Jan 11 2017
3 Answers

Please can you tell me what is the model of the VGA Card in this kind of equipment? Is it the same than Accuvix V10? Thanks in advance.

Fri Oct 14 2016
0 Answers

I perform level one limited obstetrical sonography at a pregnancy medical center. How can I best learn to use the Medison Accuvix V20 on line for that purpose?

Mon Aug 15 2016
Last Reply Mon Aug 15 2016
1 Answer

Hi friends,

I would like to know if the HDD for Accuvix V20 is the same than Accuvix V10? I need to replace it but the system is far.

Accuvix V10 is 250GB Sata II.

Tue Jun 28 2016
0 Answers

want to know how to display the age and weight

Tue Jan 22 2013
Last Reply Tue Jan 22 2013
Sat Nov 17 2012
0 Answers

Hi friends!"

My problem is haven´t video in accuvix v20. Help me please. I need the service manual.



Mon Feb 14 2011
Last Reply Mon Feb 14 2011
1 Answer

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